Rider Update
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“Hey guys what’s up? I’m doing really good, in Cuba right now, after another long, but really fun month over seas, starting with San Francisco for Dewtour which was really fun. Next I flew to Texas for my first time for Texas Toast which was even more fun! Austin is really cool, I had so much fun with so much friends over there! Then I spent 10 days in Orlando with Ryan Sher and all the Sparky’s dudes at the office, working on some new stuff! Then I flew to Cuba for my first time! I always wanted to go to Cuba, and I’m really happy I’m finally here, the week is been really fun even if the weather wasn’t as good as usually. Kriss Kyle who was supposed to come and film with me, couldn’t make it for a problem with his visa, but luckily Ben and Adrian (Soul BMX Magazine) are really cool and we had a great time! Hopefully coming back with more people next time! Soon home for few days! Have fun guys!” -Simone

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