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Simone Barraco

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“Hi guys, How’s everything going!?! I’m doing pretty good after spending most of my December at home with a fucked ankle, just chilling partying, hangin out with the family for Christmas holidays and stuff like that. For the New Year I went to Slovenia and Croatia with my crew, Rot66, where we also hang out with Filip Strbad and friends! It’s been pretty fun over there, I started riding again and we had some good party nights!!!
Now I just moved to Barcelona with Nik and Luis, my good italian friends who ride dirt with mountain bike. I thought I was gonna stay here for 2 months but, I got an email today where they asked me to go for a trip at the end of January, for about 3 weeks. I can’t say no, and the crew who’s going sounds really good too! Have an Happy New Year and see you around!! have fuuuunnnn!”- Simone Barraco

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