Rider Update
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Nick Bullen


“Winter?s over! The weather has been harsh in the Midwest this year so Indoor skateparks are the only option if you still want to have some fun on your bike. There are only a handful of indoor parks around the Detroit metro area and they are all spread far apart from one another. I?ve been visiting Modern Skatepark in Royal Oak a lot since it?s so close to where I live. My good friend Cory Wiergowski and myself have been working on a Modern video project that should be wrapped soon now that the sun is back. Keep an eye out for the video!

Along with working on a video, I?ve got to work with Cory on some ramp projects for his company Ramped Construction. We recently built an awesome basement ramp for our friend Jeremy Ball that was a lot of fun! Hopefully there will be more ramp projects this spring and summer, it?s so much fun to create something that can be ridden. There?s also a new skatepark (Building 21) near Lansing, MI that was built last fall by Ramped Construction. It?s a very fun park and it provides the local scene sanctuary from the bitter winter.

I’ve also had the opportunity to make my way to Toronto, CA for X-Jam this month. I?ve always wanted to go since seeing the original Metro Jam. It was definitely an amazing time getting to ride with and meet all the riders there. Everyone killed it at the jam, the level of riding is incredible to see.

Now that Springs here, it?s time to start packing the car and traveling with friends!” -Nick Bullen