Rider Update
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“Holler! So life has been outstanding lately. Landlines of color and interesting trips. Got my tootsies tattooed with Lashaan and been on a few great GUTI trips. Got hurt on the last one but I’ve been busy producing music while I’ve been chillin! Be ridin soon! Fight the man!”- Kyle Hart

Check out Kyle’s photos below…

^ Kyle has been busy in the kitchen trying to come up with new ingredients for burritos.

^ Kyle just picked up a new jacket for our next overseas trip. He wants to blend in.

^ Moments after this photo Kyle beat DMX in a rap battle. Kyle figured out what rhymes with orange and DMX cried.

^ Even Kyle’s brain is purple. This would explain his “Purple Swag” lifestyle. Look at that foot kit…

^ Kyle lives on the edge of law and disorder.

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