Rider Update
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“Cowabunga! So now that I’ve been out for around 5 weeks with a busted leg, there’s been a solid amount of partying.? Also my pops and I took a trip to the great white north of Alaska!? It consisted of semi-automatic weapons, salmon fishing and gallons of Kentucky liquid tradition! Had an amazing trip and my leg’s doin a lot better so I’ll be ripping the crete soon! GET FUCKING USED TO IT!!!”- Kyle Hart

Check out more photos from Kyle below…

^Kyle, Leburg, and their special lady/man friend.

^Kyle with a little toy.

^Kyle and his dad had more guns than the Alaskan Army.

^Here’s Kyle leaving the grocery store. Haha, not really, he actually caught these! Bitchin’

^ Gone Fishin’

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