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Jono Hopping

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Subrosa Skeleton Crew rider Jono Hopping just got home after one amazing 3 plus month trip around the world! Starting off in Arizona in October, and traveling through the states, over to the UK, then France and Spain before heading home to New Zealand. Jono sent over some pics of his travels, and I’ve added a couple, and his Subrosa “New Year’s Evil” edit that he filmed during his world tour. Remember kids, BMX can be a great tool to see the world!

After a 3 and a half unreal months I finally returned to the home land, just wanted to say again thanks a ton for all the good times! Certainly will never forget that trip. Just like anything, all good things come to an end eventually haha. It is awesome to be home however and enjoying an amazing NZ summer especially after the freezing cold UK winter.

I have already began to plan my next trip though and is looking like ill be back around July/August for another 3 months so i cant wait for that!

Heres a few quick photos from my UK/Europe trip anyway.

Hope you guys are well and will talk to you very soon! Yeewww” -Jono