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“Whats up everyone! Life has been good to say the least. Been here and there doing all kinds of shredding and random shit. Been hurt for a little bit with tennis elbow (the dumbest worst injury ever) but it seems to be getting better. Went with my fail safe way of handling injuries by just forgetting about it and hoping it heals itself. In the mean time I went on a vision quest camping trip with some friends in Yosemite. It was awesome! We backpacked into the back country and rode whales downstream, got tore up by mosquitos, hung out with a rattle snake, and threw a bunch of rocks off cliffs. Went deep sea fishing with some of the buds one morning and we caught everything from fish to birds. I got sea sick at one point for 69 seconds and threw up into the ocean but it ended up working in my favor cause the fish must of thought it was chum or food and I snagged a couple of fish immediately in that area. Of course been shredding hard and having great times with great friends! woot woot!”-Hoang Tran

Check out more awesome photos from Hoang below…

^ The view of the sky in Yosemite.

^ ?Yosemite Valley.

^ Space traveling…

^ Ratty snake.

^ Kosman, Berg, and Brownie Man early morning fishing trip.

^ Berg setting up his fishing stick.

^ Pirate life.

^ Berg pretending to look out into the vast ocean.

^ Some cement shredding for breakfast.

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