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“Just got back from a little Sparky’s trip for the Texas Toast.? It was such a bad ass time hanging out with everyone! Everyone that was in our crew for the trip was awesome to hang out and ride with.? The trip for me consisted of wild nights with everyone drinkin’ pitchers of whiskey coke, spending all my food money on the 2nd day, watching cops stop traffic for us to ride, gettting kicked out of spots, apple and can parties, zombies partying in 100 degree weather, 69mph wind and other shit I cant even think of at the moment.? I rode in the Rail/ Shadow coffin best trick and the curve wall best trick. Didn’t even feel like a contest, it was so awesome! Here are some photos I snapped from the trip…”- Hoang

Check out all of Hoang’s pics below…

^ Dead zombie we found on the way to the bars.

^ Sherman

^ Bacon was consumed a lot by me on this trip.

^ Sassy Grace trying to seduce all of us in sewage water.

^ Bad ass clouds over Austin.

^ The main eating area at the contest. “Juuuuaaaaan i mean Seeeeeth”

^ Art on one of the food carts.

^ Street art in Austin.

^ Van life.

^ Some of the crew in Houston.

^ What I ate for the last 5 days.

^ The van fully packed.

^ Subrosa Vans van.

^ Airport crew chillin’.

^ Curvy to turndown shot by Devon Hutchins during the curve wallride best trick

^ Photo taken by Nuno Oliveira.

^ Watchin the dirt comp photo taken by Nuno Oliveira.

^ Nose 180 on Ryan’s bike. Don’t matter what subrosa you ride cause they are all bad ass!

Photo taken by Jeff Zielinski


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