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“It’s been real hot here in San Diego so a bunch of the dudes and I went on a little trip to a swimmin hole. This place is rad! It’s only about an hour outside of San Diego but it feels like your in the middle of nowhere.? The drive there is really fun, especially when you got a really nice car like i do (classic antique showroom edition 92′ Honda). It was nice doing something like this with everyone cause we usually just ride and party so a little outdoor activities not including the bike is always awesome. The hike down to the water fall is about 1.4 miles and is alongside a cliff the whole time and the view is fantastic. When you finally get down to the waterfall you are greeted with lots of shade from trees and a bunch of huge boulders for lounging.? The water was cold but perfect for the hot day.? The spot has everything from rope swings, to a 20ft tall spot where you can jump into the deep cool waters that is right next to a waterfall, and there is even a rope swing.? Scott, Tony, Garrett and myself bouldered to the top and the view was epic. We all stuck our heads of this rock that was 100ft suspended above certain death.” – Hoang Tran

See more photos from Hoang below…

^ Miles, Temple and Burley crossin the river to the waterfall.

^ Scott Ditchburn at the top of the 100ft tall waterfall!

^ Scott was hesitate at first but I ended up convincing him to risk his life and look over the edge.

^ The view from the middle of the hike.

^ Scott, Tony and I at the top of the waterfall chillin before the uphill hike back.


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