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“Yo what up,
Been hangin’ and bangin’ in San Diego.? The homie Leberg showed me a new tree house spot that has a great view of the ocean and some random rope swings.? The dudes and I have been going there to hang out and chill before sessions lately.?? It’s basically a pallet nailed down but the view is amazing. It’s pretty sketchy and I feel like the rope is gonna snap at anytime but its still fun as hell to endanger your life. Be on the look out for a bike check shoot at this spot with my new shred sled… Climbing a tree with a bike is fucking hard to say the least.? Our good friend Dirt Ron just moved back to San Diego and he will be riding with us more and reppin Subrosa hard like he always does.? I just finished my Dans Comp edit with Miles so if you haven’t seen it yet go HERE . Thanks to everyone that watched and enjoyed it.?? Met some little dudes riding at Dallas Park, so I hooked them up with a pair of old bars and some stickers. Keep shredding dudes!? We also just got back from a trip to L.A. to film for GUTI. It was a short weekend trip but it was filled with parties, shredding, and venom whiskey. Photos and a little story of the trip will drop in a couple weeks as soon as I get all the photos together. Cheers!” -Hoang Tran

Check out more photos from Hoang below.

^ Me and Miles chillin on the pallet spot as lahsaan drunken monkeys at the very top of the tree.

^ This is me on one of the rope swings…

^ Ron doing a no foot can nose pick where no man has no foot can nose picked before.

^ Photo taken while filmin for the dans comp edit. Timing is a little off but what can ya do, bro cam.

^ Some little dudes riding at Dallas, hooked them up with a pair of bars and stickers. Keep shredding!

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