Rider Update
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“Yo dudes! The past couple of weeks have been great as usual.? I’ve been going out with the crew to film and basically just havin fun chillin.? Been filming for a couple of edits but keeping the bangers for G.U.T.I.! Went out the other day and shredded a kink rail where Miles and I put in some serious work for a clip.? As usual, not only have we been riding hard but we have been partying hard (as you can see in one of the photos; me and Lahsaan totally dead the day after trying to eat lunch and not being able to take one bite haha).? So we been chillin good too, went golfing the other day and scored a +23… Lookin forward to a trip the crew and I gonna make to LA later this month! “- Hoang

See the rest of Hoang’s photos below.

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