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Subrosa pro Kyle Hart, 1 foot seat grab tabes.

“Yooooo! Life has been great since my last little update! I have gotten to visit France on a little vacation with my lady, gone on a bunch of bad ass motorcycle rides, did some traveling to film for the Dans Competition video. France was awesome! It gave me some time to heal up from some little injuries and see a lot of sights I’ve always wanted to check out. The two and a half weeks time was split between Paris, Lyon and the country side. After that went to Texas Toast. Thanks to Odyssey I got to ride my motorcycle and trailed the Odyssey van for a portion of the drive from San Diego CA to Austin Texas. The ride out there was bad ass! Just being able to go fast for a long amount of time with epic dessert scenery all around was a dream come true! After toast I was a Dans Competition trip through the south hitting up Houston and New Orleans. Trip went great and had some good times with the crew. As for recently, I just got back from a Blunted Athletics trip to AZ and that trip was a fucking blast! About to head out there again some time this month so I’ll see ya soon! Peas!”- Hoang Tran

Hoang also put this amazing video together over the summer on a G.U.T.I. trip to San Francisco.

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