Rider Update
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“Yo! Here are some photos from a Philly trip we took right after Utah. The east coast has the most insane weather, raining one minute then in the high 90’s the next. The trip kicked of with Ed’s Games. Its awesome seeing the amount of locals showing up from all around in this small town. Ed’s has an awesome thing going on and they are shreddin’! Next we went to New York to meet up with our buddy Ryan Brito! Thanks again Ryan for a great time!!! From there it was up to Providence to hang out with Sher’s parents. It was a good time slumber partying in the attic with the dudes then hanging out with our buddy we love to hate, Crazy Larry, outside of the house. The rest of the trip was spent in Boston shreddin and hanging with two kick ass dudes, Rory Ellis and Matty Long. Can’t wait for the next trip!”- Hoang Tran

Hoang also made a time lapse of the sun going down in Philly…

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