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“Yo!!! So since the last update I’ve been just been hangin’ and bangin’ in San Diego. The dudes and I have been on missions lately to find new schools and new shred spots of any kind. Found a pool the other day, actually two pools at this abandoned resort. We spent about 3 hours draining both pools and only got to shred for about 30 min before getting kicked out… TOTALLY WORTH IT! It seems rare now-a-days (at least for me) to get to experience a pool scenerio like that. Its funny how we all didn’t mind cleaning this gross water that smelled like pee and had all kinds of chunks in it. We were laughing and having a good ol time the entire time we spent there! Been spending my free time working odd jobs, drawing and creating, and of course motorcycles! until next time, suck it.” -Hoang Tran

Check out Hoang’s photos below…

^ Treasure found while spot hunting.

^ Ron walking the pipe of dome (he’s got moves he wants to do on this thing so i’m excited to film that soon)

^ Pool draining.

^ Ron about to take the biggest beer bong of all time!

^ Kyle drying out all the slime with our best friend dirt.

^ Kyle at the pool doing a solo bukkake.

^ I wish i could throw up cool stuff like this.

^ Mini dog on a mini skatepark at meth head central in the middle of the desert.

^ Upgraded my phone case to party mode.

^ And as always I’m still obsessed with motorcycles and this is one of the bad ass machines of seen lately.

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