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“Whats up! I know I say it every time but life is still kicking ass! In the past recent weeks I got to attend a couple of motorcycle events. Still working on mine so just going and getting blue balls looking at all these amazing motorcycles. Took a couple of photos with the ol’ film camera and scanned in the negatives for everyone to get stoked on motorcycles for a second. Went up to San Francisco again to get some shit done for GUTI! Trip was awesome! Drove up the 1 coast freeway the whole time to catch in the sights and found a gnar dog ditch that Dirt Ron beat the shit out of it with every part of his body. Got to stay in a hotel right in the middle of downtown with all kinds of entertainment to be seen just right outside of our balcony. Everything from hookers, crazy locals, crack heads, and zombies.? Celebrated my birthday with some old friends and new friends during the trip and had the most drunken 3 hour straight dance party in some random babes kitchen at 2 in the morning. Everyone on the trip got clips/photos so it was a successful trip both in riding and partying! Got a clip in SF I’ve been wanting to do for awhile! Until next time, suck it.”- Hoang Tran


^ Danny Tanner’s San Fransisco.

^ Some art in San Fran.

^ Zombie fort in an alley.

^ Daniel Benson stayed with me for a little more than a week. He loves hanging out in hot tubs with short shorts and a brewskie.

^ Suicide shifter, springer seat, and a siren.


^ Aged to perfection.

^ Lucky number 7

^ Side car.

^ All chrome everything!

^ Racks on racks on racks.

^Custom tank.

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