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?Hey guys! This summer has been off to a great start, minus dealing with a few hand injuries since early spring. I was unable to ride with the team in Vegas due to a broken hand. Luckily it healed right in time for a Subrosa tranny trip to to the North West. Oregon is unreal, there are so many skateparks! It was impossible to visit them all, but, we covered as many as we could while we were there and the parks we did visit were all unreal. It was an incredible experience for my first time in that part of the country.

Directly following my flight home from PDX was the Chicago Dew Tour. Lucky for me It was only a few hours drive away. However, bad luck found me on an Ice to Bar down the rail at the buzzer and I sprained my thumb pretty bad. Regardless, It was awesome being involved in the ?Futures? event with a good amount of my close friends. Just being able to ride the new Grant Park with no one there was a treat in its own. Its not everyday your able to session an entire park with your homies without a ton of people getting in the way. Thanks again to Mark Flip and Mark Losey!

Following my trip to Chicago was the annual Pinke Compound jam in Holly, MI. Glen Skodin (owner) has been building his compound up bit by bit for 22 years with the help of a few close friends. Every year the jam gets bigger and it?s always a great time. Live music, BBQ, Friends, Drinks, Jumps, Ramps, Camping?what more could you ask for?! I even busted out my Subrosa Street Rail for it!

All in all the past few months have been amazing, even having to deal with minor injuries. Thank you Subrosa, Albe?s, and friends for the good times!!?- Nick Bullen