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World Tour UK info

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Going each and every place with our bikes in the van…

The Shadow Subrosa World Tour is heading overseas again, and this time the squad is heading to the U.K. for a week of shop visits, sessions with fan and riders, giveaways and more!

Simone Barraco
Mark Burnett
Matt Ray
Isaac Lesser
Joris Coulomb
Ollie Shields

Aug 16Th Aberdeen 20Twenty Shop 16:00/ Transition Extreme Park 17:00
Aug 17Th Dumbarton Unit 23 Skatepark 17:00
Aug 18Th Warrington Ramp 1 Skatepark 16:00
Aug 19Th Stoke Alpha Bmx Shop 14:00
Aug 20Th Bristol Crucial BMX 15:00
Aug 21st Truro Dead Sailor 15:00/ Mount Hawke Skatepark 16:00
Aug 22nd Hastings Source BMX Park 18:00