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The Union Winter Jam

The Union Winter Jam
“The past few years we have partnered up with Over The Top Skatepark here in Minnesota to throw our annual BV JAM that has always been a good time! After doing contests for the last few, we decided to mix things up a bit and just throw a massive session at the park as an excuse to get everyone together to ride, have a good time and get hooked up with a ton of FREE product from our sponsors!

The Union Winter Jam is going down February 14th from Noon ? 8PM! It?ll be $10 at the door like a normal session! The main goal of this is to get everyone together to ride and have a fun session since it?s pretty hard to get motivated when the wind chill is -35 degrees like it has been a few times this winter! We?ll be throwing different mini jams throughout the day like a rail jam, best trick on different setups, foot down, longest skid, the vert wall sticker challenge and more to win product! Also, we?ll be doing a big product toss at the end with everything we don?t give away throughout the day!

So, if you?re looking for a good time. Get to Over the Top Skatepark at Bluff Valley Campground in Zumbro Falls, Minnesota on February 14th! We promise it will be a good time!

HUGE shout out to all the sponsors for this year to help us make this happen! We want this to be the biggest session to go down this winter!”The Union