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Subrosa Game Of R.A.I.L.

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In a slightly secretive manner, we held our first official Subrosa Game Of R.A.I.L. last weekend in Los Angeles. Check out details of the event and where you’ll be able to watch it!

We wanted to throw a fun, simple event and our minds immediately thought of the Subrosa Street Rail. We thought to ourselves that if we created an event based of the rail, we already had the course made.

We all know how fun a game of B.I.K.E. is with your friends, so we expanded on that idea and invited 8 of the top street riders in the world to battle head to head on different Subrosa Street Rail configurations in a game of R.A.I.L.

The match ups would be randomly selected, the set up would be randomly selected, and the tricks would be set by the riders.

Simone Barraco, Connor Keating, Ethan Corriere, Joris Coulomb, Brandon Begin, Mark Burnett, Devon Smilie, and Mikey Tyra battle head to head on the Subrosa Street Rail for over $2000 in cash and prizes.

The event itself was closed to the public, but we will be releasing an The Game Of R.A.I.L. will be an eight video series dropping at 3p.m. PST starting Tuesday March 28th and continuing daily ending with the final battle on Friday March 31st! Presented by Subrosa, The Come Up, On Some Shit, and The Shadow Conspiracy. Videos by Francis Castro