Trips Subrosa in Vegas!

VIVA LA$ VEGA$! You're going to need to take a seat, turn the bass up, and enjoy 15 minutes of GOLD from Hoang Tran, Kyle Hart, Lahsaan Kobza, Scott Ditchburn, Nick Bullen (injured), Simone Barraco, Joris Coulomb, Kevin Kalkoff, Johnny Atencio (Johnny Ice), Jono Hopping and Matt Ray! With a crew like this, and Kanode behind the lens, you know you can expect greatness. Elvis would be proud. We worked hard, rode hard, partied hard, hosted a Park Party, had our annual team meeting, and introduced you to the Subrosa A-Frame Rail. What more could you possibly want from us? This is our third year of destroying a city one spot at a time. This year was special because we had a few extras on the trip from our Skeleton Crew and Flow team. Matt, Jono, and Johnny all hold it down! Oh and not to mention the man himself, Ryan Sher, snuck in a clip as well. We want to thank Matt Closson and Wes McGrath for all their hard work and guidance. Any requests for our destination next year? Filmed and Edited by Bobby Kanode Additional Filming by Jono Hopping Joris Coulomb Lahsaan Kobza Ryan Sher Kyle Hart Nick Bullen Kevin Kalkoff Wes McGrath Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Instagram! Subscribe to our YouTube channel to be the first to see new Subrosa Videos! If any of the music entices you, please give them some love because they fully support what we are doing! Intro: "THIS ONE [Ideas pt 4]" TSURUDA Part 1: "Mind's Eye" THE MYRRORS Part 2: "Now You See Me" JOSH PAN Part 3: "Kings" BLACKBIRD BLACKBIRD Part 4: "Division Ruine" CARPENTER BRUT Credits: "Kims Poem" MICHELLE BLADES PARK PARTY VIDEO COMING SOON Subrosa in ABQ Re-up! Subrosa in ATL Re-up!

Some of the crew in AZ! Part 2

Trips Some of the crew in AZ! Part 2

Day 4: Ditch day. We all loaded up in the van and headed to the north side of town to check out some classic Arizona ditches. The first stop was at a ditch spot with so much potential but the landing went into a tunnel and it was flooded… I tried convincing the dudes to get their toes wet, but it was a lost cause. We kept cruising and sessioned this amazing quarter pipe behind some rich folks' houses which you can see in one of the instagram videos we posted, but 10 minutes into the session the piggies showed up to ruin our fun times. The cop was cool though and tried to recommend some more ditches for us to go check out. After the fuzz busted us, we drove to another ditch: a flyout over a rail that Jono 180 bar bar'ed in his "New Year's Evil" edit. Hoang got some business done there, and it was back to the van to drive around for more spots. It can be pretty frustrating to drive for 20-30 minutes only to get shut down by skate stoppers or the police, and this day was definitely a frustrating one. Kyle was hungry for a rail spot so we checked out a few options in the cave creek area, but they were busts. We ended up riding a mellow up rail that Chadwick took us to, and Kyle got a dope clip. Everyone was pretty tired of driving around so after we rode the rail and got a clip, I said "CURB CUT TIME" and we sessioned the hell out of this manual pad right next to the rails. That really made everyone's day, and turned the frustration into joy. The day was done, and we had movie night at the crib. Day 5: After a day of long distance spot hunting, we thought it best to pedal around Tempe and see what we could find. We rolled up to campus and right off the bat, Tammy got the craziest I've ever seen in person. We all got pretty stoked off that, but were unsuccessful with finding spots for Kyle and Hoang. It was really fun just pedaling around, but no clips were had. We ended up filming some flat ground tricks at a tennis court with Nick Jones for TCU, ate some Taco Bell, and called it a day. The dudes   ...MORE