Video Testing the Subrosa Street Rail

Charles Tschumy, Julien Arnaud, Mickael Zimbardo, Thomas Mayan and Mathieu Paillon put their Subrosa street rail to the test during one session at the Palais de la Glisse indoor park in Marseille and filmed some good shit so check it out! “Une soirĂ©e au palais de la glisse (Marseille) Pour tester les nouveaux rails Subrosa maintenant dispo sur le skateparck” -Kevin...

Video I Got Work Crew edit

Ryan Chadwick (Shadow TM/Videographer) had a ton of good clips leftover from various trips and sessions with his I Got Work crew. They’ve been riding together for 10 years and more in some cases so he put together a celebration edit to remember all the fun! Check it out.

Video Subrosa Street Rail edit

Jordan Moore and his homies got together and purchased a Subrosa Street Rail, so they’d have a spot to ride durning crappy weather. They love it so much, they put together an edit from one of their first session. Thanks guys! This is what the Subrosa Street Rail is all about! Getting your crew together and creating spots whenever and wherever you want. “Guys and I decided to all go in and purchase a Subrosa Street Rail. Definitely recommend, tons of fun and you can take it anywhere! Got delivered today so we got together and went for a shred and filmed some clips, this is the final result!!”...

Video Rim Nakamura in Okinawa

Subrosa rider Rim Nakamura took a trip to Okinawa around New Years, and put together this little edit from his trip. Rim is only 13 years old, and is already able to shred any terrain in front of him! Tons of good stuff in this one! Thanks Rim!

Video Joris Coulomb in Milkshake 8

I love basically ever single thing the Marie Jade crew puts out. Their latest web drop of Milkshake 8 is such a treat. A real heavy focus on the vibe of the crew and making the simplicity of BMX look amazing. Subrosa pro rider Joris Coulomb has been down with the crew since day 1 and when it comes to the mix edits he never fails to film some fire. I love the way they present his last trick! I never expected that drop! Great job...

Video Jono Hopping slays AZ!

Subrosa rider Jono Hopping was in the states for a minute with his homies Josh De Reus and Matt Allpress and they tore Arizona a new one! Tammy Mcparty documented the destruction and put it together in one awesome edit for Ride Mag. PEEP IT!