Video Scott Ditchburn Balum V2 edit.

Our Russian distributors Hellride put together this mash up edit with Subrosa pro rider Scott Ditchburn’s Balum V2 frame and his “Welcome to the Pro Team” edit. Peep it, and brush up on your Russian.

Zine OSP contest edit.

Here’s an edit put together by Chadwick at Shadow from the Florida Contest Series stop in Orlando brought to you by Subrosa and Shadow. Check out Subrosa pro Lahsaan Kobza opening up new lines at the park along with Subrosa pro Mark Mulville blasting higher and going faster than...

Zine Hoang's inspirational bike.

The Ride BMX site named Subrosa pro rider Hoang Tran’s latest set up one of their “10 Bike To Draw Inspiration From” when setting up your bike. Does you Subrosa look good already? Upload a pic to our Facebook Fan Page and show it...

Zine Gully Gully Gully

The Gully Factory dropped another quick edit for their Clippeach series. This one has a little comic relief and a nice clip from Subrosa pro Lahsaan Kobza.

Zine 10 questions with Raph!

Head over to Aepic TV and check out a pretty sweet interview with Subrosa rider Raphael Jeroma-Williams. He talks about a few Subrosa trips he went on, how he got into riding, partys, and even has a few of his recent edits...