ZINE / Winner of the 2011 Subrosa Salvador is…..

BY: Ryan Sher / December 7, 2010
Zine Winner of the 2011 Subrosa Salvador is…..

So, we donated a 2011 Subrosa Salvador to the Casselberry Trails to raffle off, and buy supplies and clay for the jumps.  We sold tickets at the Anthem II premier in Orlando, and Cottle also sold them on his blog. Last night we wrote down all the names on paper and drew a random name so everyone had the same chance.  Here’s a little vid we made to show the raffle. sorry Trask, we weren’t laughing at your name, when I wrote your name on the paper before the raffle I said “I hope this guy wins” Congrats man, we’ll be sending out your bike this week.