ZINE / We’ve got Ryan Fudger!

BY: Ryan Sher / February 16, 2009
Zine We’ve got Ryan Fudger!

One time Ryan Fudger and I had the most epic game of C-Lo ever. We could not stop hitting the same number so the pot soon sky rocketed to around $500 bucks! After a little discussion we decided the betting would be capped at $250 each (thanks to Hoang). One epic roll later and Fudger kicked a stove out of the wall, and I was lifted into the air and crowned the C-Lo Champion of the Ratty House. Fast forward almost a year, and I’m out with some friends enjoying the lovely ladies of Sassy’s, and Fudger decides it would be a good time to pay up, I had already sampled a few of their beverages and thought it would be a good idea too. I got lost going home that night, puked off the Burnside Bridge, and woke up in a strange place.   What does this story have to do with anything? Well in the flurry of blowing all my winnings I told Fudger I’d give him $40 to ride and Armada. He said ok, grabbed the money from me, turned to the bartender and said “I want this much beer.” Here’s his bike check.

I accidentally left my bike in the rain the other day and the yard was looking all NWC, so I figured it’d be a
good time to pop some photos off. I didn’t know what time of format you wanted or whatever, so I just stole the list and questions off the Brian Foster check on the Ride site. Yeah man, shit bro, yeah.

Name: Ryan Fudger
Age: 27
Location: Long Beach (weird), CA
Sponsors: Ryan Sher, Jim Bauer, Ben Ward, Rachael Finley, Keith Mulligan, Jeff Zielinski

Frame: Subrosa Armada 21” sans mounts
Fork: Odyssey Race Forks
Bars: Kink Lynx
Stem: Odyssey Top’r
Grips: Odyssey Griswald
Barends: Odyssey Parends
Headset: Kink, I think
Clamp: Subrosa Builtinski
Seatpost: Kink
Seat: Kink
Cranks: Odyssey Wombolt (early batch holding strong)
Sprocket: Premium 28-tooth
Chain: Shadow
Front Tire: Odyssey Aitken P-Lyte
Front Wheel: Odyssey Vandera
Rear Tire: Odyssey Aitken K-Lyte
Rear Wheel: G-Sport Rachet laced to a new Odyssey Quadrant rim
Chain Tensioner: 17mm wrench (lean into it) I’m just going to leave Foster’s
answer for this one.
Pegs: Clear Odyssey Plegs
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC

I cut my bars about a half inch on each side. I may have cut my seat post and I have hollow bolts carried over from my last stem in this one. Sometimes I’m a weight weanie when it’s really easy. I also put some Gorilla Glue in my left bar end because it wasn’t staying in anymore. I also leave it outside so it gets that rusty, tree-shit-on look.

Your bike is set up pretty big?
I usually run my bars in my lap.

How often do you work on your bike?
Sometimes when I don’t feel like working at the office and my bike is there, I’ll go do it up a bit. I should probably do that soon…this Rachet hub is pretty loud and I’m a silent bike type dude.

What parts do you go through the most?
I think tubes, wheels, and bars. In that order. I run really low tire pressure (40psi), so I’m pretty good at destroying wheels.