ZINE / Welcome to the team Lewis Colascione!

BY: Ryan Sher / October 2, 2019
Video Welcome to the team Lewis Colascione!

The wait is over for the new Lewis Colascione Welcome to Subrosa and Shadow Conspiracy video!

Today we officially welcome Lewis Colascione to the Subrosa and Shadow Conspiracy Flow teams!

Lewis rides with a style that can only be called his own, and you’ll see in the video that he is constantly trying to push the creative side of his riding.

Give Lewis a follow on the gram @lewiscolacione

Filmed by:
Bjarki Hardarson
Kittrell Eberwine
Anthony Panza
Lewis Colascione
Dave Krone
Mike Nieto
Jona Jahchan
Jason Wilson

Edited By:
Lewis Colascione


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