ZINE / Welcome to the AM team Lewis Colascione!

BY: Ryan Sher / December 25, 2020
Video Welcome to the AM team Lewis Colascione!

Subrosa rider Lewis Colascione killed on his Welcome to Am video! Check it out.

Lewis Colascione has been repping the rose hard for a while now, and because of his creativity, unique riding style, great attitude, and the fact that he’s most of our current team’s favorite rider, we knew we had to bump Lewis up the ranks from Flow to our Am Team!

Lewis kills it on and off the bike, and we’re stoked to make Lewis a bigger part of the family.

Check out his new edit, and give him a follow on Instagram to see more!

Filmed by Justin Koebele
Additional Filming Anthony Cuadros

Edited by Lewis Colascione
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