ZINE / Welcome to Subrosa: Tom Smith

BY: Ryan Sher / September 4, 2012
Zine Welcome to Subrosa: Tom Smith

To simply put it, Tom Smith is a boss. Subrosa is beyond excited to announce Tom’s addition to the Skeleton Crew! You’ve probably seen more footage of Tom recently with a full section in Empire’s Bad Idea, quickly followed by an Empire web edit, but Tom has been ripping for long time now. Check out his Liquor Bikes “Get Some” section, most recent Empire edit section and some new photos of Tom riding and his new set up. So psyched on this, and I can’t wait to get Tom on some trips! Tom’s working on a “Welcome” edit, and filming some clips for G.U.T.I. so for now enjoy Tom’s previous works, and a huge thanks to James Stevens for the photos, and in a round about way, both edits as well.