ZINE / Welcome to Subrosa: Rich Forne!

BY: Ryan Sher / August 22, 2012
Zine Welcome to Subrosa: Rich Forne!

Yes, that Rich Forne! All of us at Subrosa are beyond psyched to announce that Rich Forne has joined the Subrosa Skeleton Crew! In case you need a small reminder of Rich’s riding. Peep this edit he put together for Dig Magazine a few months back.

Rich is amazing rider, who’s also a super talented filmer and editor. We’re looking forward to get Rich on some trips with the crew, and you know he’s got an Welcome to the Team edit started. You can see in his previous edit that Rich believes in quality over quantity, so this one will be worth the wait. For now check out Rich’s new ride, and a couple of riding shots. We’ll have a Q&A up soon so you can learn more about Rich. Welcome Rich, the entire team is stoked to have you aboard. If you see Rich on his worldly travels congratulate him! Then watch in awe as he shreds your face off!