ZINE / Vintage Blozza

BY: Ryan Sher / April 8, 2010
Zine Vintage Blozza

Back from Australia, and I miss it already. I seriously had an awesome time. I’m certain the same can be said for Hoang. We ended up making it all the way to Brisbane, and lounged around the town for a few days. The crew was super fun to chill, ride, and and party with. I’ll have another update with more photos, and I think there will be some sort of video, and magazine article from the trip as well. Thanks to the whole crew at Triple 6, Tommy, Jason (The BFG), Turtle Man, Cam, Maca, Scott Greentree, Matty, Wade, Mike Cz, Raff, and Sam (Lahey, I am the Liquor) Check out more photos below.