ZINE / Vegas photo dump.

BY: Ryan Sher / September 20, 2011
Zine Vegas photo dump.

I have a bunch of random photos from Vegas, so I decided to share them. Cars, parties, shoes, literally random photos with a little explanation.

Check out all the photos below…

^ 1971 ish Road Runner. So dialed, black and gold, completely stock. I want.

^ We didn’t end up going to the Mayweather fight (I’m glad now), but when we were in this line to buy tickets for another show 2 sweet things happened. First, a dude scalping tickets paid us $100 to cut in line in front of us. That $100 bucks paid for the show we were going to. Second, two ladies got into an argument which turned into an all out brawl! It was wild. No hair pulling or screaming at all, just full on punch out! Double win if you ask me.

^ The Vegas skyline from our suite. We balled hard. Also, the Palms has a “War” table. Yes, just high card against the dealer. Came up $600.

A shot of the Osiris/ Subrosa shoe. Reflective panels are black with out a flash. Hit the lights, and then it’s shine time. These will be out Summer 2012. Psyched for sure.

^ Subrosa World Domination Conference. Distributors from across the world were treated to food, booze and a sneak peak at our 2013 Complete Bike line. Yeah, we always step our game up, and 2013 is no different. You on the other hand will have to wait for the new line, for now those 2012’s are fire and in stores now.

^ Our boy Arnuad is back in the states for a while and he made this sign for our meeting. Shortly after this photo his stabbed a mechanical pencil right into his hand.

^ These are rare Subrosa Bags that we gave out at our meeting. They included stickers, postcards, catalogs, and of course booze. Maybe if you’re lucky I’ll give a few out on our Facebook page. Add us on there, and stay tuned.

^ This frame fork and bar was the talk of our show! People are hungry for the Villicus V2, Villicus Bars and Villicus Fork! Coming in the spring.

Ed and Carol rule!