BY: Ryan Sher / October 1, 2016

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September 7, 2016

USA BMX Establishes New Freestyle Division and Digital Freestyle Competition Platform
Lead by an Elite Panel of BMX Icons Including Mat Hoffman and Ryan Nyquist; New Series to Include Live Events and Digital Component

Gilbert, Ariz. — Longtime organizer and leader in BMX Racing, USA BMX, is proud to announce the creation of VUPIT™ and USA BMX Freestyle (USABMXF) – a new division of USA BMX. VUPIT™ is the membership tool for USA BMX Freestyle as well as a revolutionary sports social media application used as the grassroots digital ranking and qualifying system for amateur and professional riders to qualify for USA BMX Freestyle events. In addition to the digital component, starting in 2017, USA BMX Freestyle will host a four-stop national series and will begin to provide infrastructure for grassroots level promoters to host USA BMX Freestyle district state, regional and national level events.

USA BMX Freestyle and VUPIT™ have been developed and supported by some of the most influential riders in BMX freestyle history. USABMXF and VUPIT™ would like to announce the following members of the newly-established commission who will navigate this new division: Mat Hoffman, Ryan Nyquist, Chris Olivier, Robbie Morales, Steve Swope, Ron Bonner and Justin Kosman.

Commission members (l to r): Morales, Kosman, Bonner, Hoffman, Swope, Olivier, Nyquist

“The dream has never been bigger in BMX Freestyle,” said Hoffman. “This generation has lacked the road to the dream and the structure to help unite our communities to celebrate the rad together, which is why I’m so excited to be a part of the debut of VUPIT. This is the answer to help change more lives through BMX Freestyle and help it grow strong — directed by the riders for the riders. Because of technology and this new app, it doesn’t matter where we are now, we can share our rad with everyone anywhere, be ranked, create unique fun competitions and host jams where every member will be notified instantly with the GPS location. There has never been a better time to create a tool that helps unite and change our sport for the better than now. BMX Freestyle – we have an app for that now. VUPIT! Stoked.”

Longtime professional BMX rider and top competitor, Ryan Nyquist said: “I see this app as a great tool that amateurs all over the world can leverage and help them formulate a way to the pro ranks. So many of the contests nowadays are invite only, with no amateur class at all, and VUPIT is creating a clear path for kids everywhere to being a professional BMX Freestyler through online events and digital contests. With digital devices and social media having such a huge presence in our sport, I really feel like this app is the missing tool we’ve been waiting for to take our sport, and the next generation of riders, to the next level. It puts the power right in the hands of the individual, and gives everyone a chance to make their dreams come true, regardless of where they live or what they have to ride.”

Through VUPIT™, young, up-and-coming riders who wouldn’t normally be recognized or don’t have the ability to attend an event, can gain exposure simply by uploading a video. VUPIT™ will provide a clear path for a brand new freestyle rider to become the first ever USA BMX Freestyle National Champion.

For more information on USABMXF or VUPIT™, log on to www.vupit.com. Details on upcoming events, schedule and format will be forthcoming.

About VUPIT™
This system was developed by the athletes, for the athletes. In order to qualify for USA BMX Freestyle events, a rider must be ranked within VUPIT™ by uploading a video that will be judged by the VUPIT™ community. Riders have to judge first before they are judged. Once a week, the digital competition ends and the top community ranked videos from each state will be judged by the VUPIT™ expert judging crew. Riders will be awarded points based on their rank in their state, region and country. The 52-week long digital competitions have no limit on number of entries. Riders will be given awards and prize money for top ranked videos.

Formed in 1977 as The American Bicycle Association, USA BMX is headquartered in Gilbert, Arizona, and organizes BMX racing for boys, girls and adults throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. With more than 70,000 active members who compete on a weekly basis at more than 350 racing facilities in 49 states, the family-oriented Olympic sport of BMX Racing continues to grow. With a 29-event national race schedule, USA BMX is the largest promoter of action sports in the country.