ZINE / Trey Jones – Northeast Vacation Video

BY: Ryan Sher / September 20, 2019
Video Trey Jones – Northeast Vacation Video

Subrosa pro Trey Jones drove himself around the Northeast over the summer and edited up pulling a camera out at most of the sessions that went down! Check out the video and see what it’s like to live like Trey on the road just riding bikes for 2 weeks.

“Earlier this Summer, Trey Jones set off for the Northeast to rip some trails, ride the lost bowl, and even session Bam Margera’s house.

Go along for the ride and see what Trey gets into on his quick Sumer Vacation to the Northeast.
Filmed By: Jabe Jones, Cody Diggs, Rob Dolecki, Jon Lynn, and Derek Adams
Edited By: Trey Jones

Thanks to all the trails dudes, Lost Bowl Crew, and Bam Margera” – The Shadow Conspiracy