ZINE / This “Work” doesn’t suck.

BY: Ryan Sher / July 2, 2010
Skeleton Crew This “Work” doesn’t suck.

My buddy Ryan Chadwick or Chadwack for those who know him better, just finished up his newest video. The trailor looks rad, and it’s got all my homies from Arizona in it. Rumor has it, that I even made the friends section, BOOM. CHeck out the trailer and look for the video real soon. He’s his description of it.

“The sequel to the 2007 Kore Bikes video, “I Got Work”.

Featuring: Brandon Straub, Ryan Chadwick, Sam Buros, Jessy Tennant, Frank Parks, Spenser “Loofa” Lee, Nick Renoni, Joey Torres, Matt Nietschke, Tony Williams, Dustin Orem, Eric Bahlman, and more.

Filmed and Edited by Ryan Chadwick

Out by the end of July!”