ZINE / The long ride home with Mike Cottle

BY: Ryan Sher / April 1, 2013
Zine The long ride home with Mike Cottle

Subrosa Brand Mike Cottle
The worlds biggest Steelers fan and trail digger/ shredder Mike Cottle is putting the BMX on hold for a brief stint while he rides his wild road set up from Orlando, FL to Pittsburgh, Pa! In search of adventure Mike decided he wanted to do the ride and use it as a way to raise money and awareness for the Rickey Bates BMX Banned Together Charity Foundation. The foundation was set up by Ricky’s father to help provide underprivileged children with equipment and training and to promote bicycle safety. Follow along with Mike on his Instagram, and his site for the trip Cycling Passage. Also check out the Trail Rambling blog for a cool write up with Mike.