ZINE / The Compound Skatepark party.

BY: Ryan Sher / April 27, 2012
Zine The Compound Skatepark party.

So while we were in New Orleans we were Tweetin, and Instagraming about the spots we were at. Well the local figured it out and hollered at us to hit up bike night at The Compound Skatepark.  We couldn’t resist, and I’m glad we did. Such a fun park, with an awesome vibe with the riders! All different skill levels all riding together to help push each other. It was great to see. Shout out, and thanks to the park and all the locals to hosting such a good bike night. We’ll be back!

Check out more photos below.

^Kyle Hart with a HUGE 3 lookback. Simone is shocked at the amount of manly Kyle oozes.

^ Lahsaan did the longest icepick grind in the history of back pegs. I didn’t shot it, so just pretend he grinding a ledge.

^ Kyle Hart downside ice.

^ Hoang steezes out a can can fastplant.

^ Local wallride. Swag

^ Kyle hit the roof on this fastplant.

^ Hoang Tran with a mean grizz. Side note, Jeff Z. made a video called Grizzle. Go find it.

^Broc Raiford can air the shit out of a quarter, and he’s awesome.

^ Simone with a no hand 180. Find the Nike shwoosh on the wall.