ZINE / Texas Trip: Go Pro Pictures

BY: Ryan Sher / June 7, 2011
Zine Texas Trip: Go Pro Pictures

I brought along my GoPro Hero camera with us to Texas on a recent Sparky’s Distribution trip. We obviously hit up the Texas Toast Jam, but we also did a shop stop at Bikeland USA and rode Bear Branch Park with a ton of riders. I shot a ton of photos on all types of cameras, but here is some of my favorite GoPro. Check them out below…

^ Rickey Bates with a double fence hop while security is in hot pursuit.

^ Young boys love this band. Satan’s Mustache Reunion Tour!

^ Shadow TM Chadwick was on board to film and wreck the van.

^ My favorite obstacle at the Texas Toast Jam

^ Tom Smith with a badass downside whip.

^ Hoang with some super steeze.

^ Tristen setting up to shot Kyle catch his shin on the rail.

^ Overview of the rail/ grind box jam. Huge crowd and good times.

^ Huge gap to grind of the Subrosa ramp to the Shadow grind box!

^ Massive griz air of the coffin!

^ Greetings from the deep blue sea.

^ Chadwick with a swan dive into the “No Diving” pool

^ Ben Hucke with a hang over tooth into shallow waters.

^ Hucke draining his bike out.