BY: Ryan Sher / November 29, 2011
Zine TEAM RIDER UPDATE: Simone Barraco

“Hey guys! I hope you’re fine, this is my first update about my last month! After the amazing experience in U.S.A. I’ve been so stoked, whatching all the footage coming out from The Shadow Conspiracy and Subrosa. The game of B.I.K.E. was so funny to watch here in Italy, missing the good times with the Shadow and Subrosa mates! The weather here is not the best now, cold and raining a lot, a big flood has been in my city 2 weeks ago so it’s not like Florida or Cali! It’s still fun riding street or indoor car parking with my good friends, and try to film when ever is possible! I have been in Barcelona with Nike for a weekend and I’m thinking to go back soon for a month or so. That place is just amazing! In few days i m gonna ride Rebel Jam in Holand and it’ll be so fun! I can’t wait to be there, and I can’t wait to build my new bike! Bike check coming soon! Have fun!”- Simone Barraco

Check out more photos from Simone below…

^ Simone and his boys avoiding the rain to get some clips.

^ Tucked no Hander steez.

^ I mustache you a question.

^ A rare O.T.B. from Simone.

^ Wait till this sequence drops in a photo lookbook from Shadow. Such a wild line! Shot by Tristan!

^ Simone happy to be in the states for a while. He’ll be back over here soon!