BY: Ryan Sher / February 27, 2012
Zine TEAM RIDER UPDATE: Simone Barraco

“What’s up everyone? Hope all is fine and I hope weather in your city is getting better so u can have fun riding street! After a month in Barcelona where I had lots of fun riding and partying, I went back home in Italy for 2 days where I tried to ride with my good friends in our sketchy but fun indoor car parking lot, but it was really too cold! Then I got an other plane and I went to Tel Aviv, Israel where I was riding and filming with sun , good people and good spots. I’ ll stay here for 4 more days  and then I still don t know what i m going to do, but I guess something fun! Ahahahah have a nice day guys see you soon around!”- Simone Barraco

Check out Simone’s photo below…

^ The beach in Tel Aviv. A little windy, but warm and dry!

^ Simone and the Nike crew in Israel.

^ Simone’s back yard covered in snow.

^ Simone’s all Blue Pandora kit!