BY: Ryan Sher / January 17, 2012
Zine TEAM RIDER UPDATE: Simone Barraco

“Hey guysss how is everything going? I hope you’re stoked about the new year and had sick holidays as mine. I’ve been riding with friends in Italy before Christmas, built  my new blue bike, and been to Rebel Jam. Now I’m finally in Barcelona with my good friend Nik (Fucking  MT. Biker!!)Haha!  We rented a  nice flat in the center, we already had so much fun just after 3 days!!! Lot’s of friends are going to visit us this next month, so I’m so stoked to ride and chill with good weather, people and spots! I got with me my new canon 60d,  so I’m gonna start to film soon!!!!!!  I wish you a happy new year and have fun riding your bikes!!!!!!!!! See ya sooooonn!!!”- Simone

Check out more pis from Simone in Italy below…

^ Simone signing autographs at Ed’s Bike Shop.

^ Ice up the rail, nose manual the ledge, bar off. Simone is the man.

^ Simone’s all new Pandora Frame, Fork, and Bars.

^ Simone in party mode at “Nasty Monday”

^ Simone and his homie Nik skating around looking for food in Barcelona.

^ Just so you can see what color kit Simone built up.