BY: Ryan Sher / May 31, 2011

“Whats up pups? Just copped a fresh new whip, and I waited like a 14 year old Dan’s Comp fiend for it to arrive. This thing’s crispy too! Ditchburn’s “Balum” frame is amazing, and I even stepped up from 20” to a 20.5! Your boy growin’ up so fast. Other important mentions are the monsterous Grave Digger tire that will pulverize straight through lips, zombie puke forks and my SIIIICK Redline front wheel, haha. Last weekend, we organized a jam at our local indoor park and Subrosa hooked it up hard with some prizes. Swell times indeed. The park is owned by a church, and they were actually really stoked on the “Shout at the Devil” tee. Like the numbskull that I am, I forgot my camera but found a few snapshots online from the jam. Thanks to Zach Roberts for those. Keep your eyes peeled for a video to drop online soon. Speaking of video action, my brother Conor and I are working on a really serious flipcam clip, and I’m also in the process of finishing up another little sacred web edit. After the jam, we went to see Between The Buried and Me, got some crowd surfing in, got kicked out and kicked back in, pushed some girls, and called it a night. Ta-ta for now, kisses and hugs. See you in the pit!”- Seamus McKeon

Check out more pics from Seamus below…

^ Seamus fastplant in the park he built.

^ Seamus’s new Subrosa Balum

^ Huge fly out rail hop.