BY: Ryan Sher / March 23, 2011
Zine TEAM RIDER UPDATE: Miles Rogoish

“Monkey Business,
Hoang swooped up Lahsaan and I the other day to chill in trees while he shot a bike check for Case Magazine. This place is epic with a tree house, swings, and natural crazy heights trees that scared the shit out of me to be in. I found a rail at an amphitheater next to it, that I wanna get down on for GUTI. We then headed to O.B. Skatepark where Hoang went to class and Ty showed up for the shred. Lahsaan, Ty and I started a game of B.I.K.E., Ty got knocked out and gave everyone a quick realization of how gnarly BMX is an you always need to be ready for the worst. Ty is out of the hospital and it is good to see him doing better, he should be riding in a week. By that time I’ll be on my way to meet up with a shit load of the crew in Atlanta to Miami for some street schralp and some shop demos, I seriously can’t wait. Much Love Guys! Yeew! ++”- Miles

Check out more photos from Miles below…

^Hoangman and Hayes in the trees.

^Lahsaan about to rip the rope swing!

^Miles full speed, mid swing.

^Hoang and Lahsaan with their rides.