BY: Ryan Sher / March 1, 2011
Zine TEAM RIDER UPDATE: Lahsann Kobza

“What’s up! Been super busy with filming for a few new edits and kicking it with the whole Subrosa fam and all the new S.D. transplants. Filming a new Subrosa edit with Miles and still working hard on my Vans edit with Tony Ennis. I’ve been working real hard on this Vans edit for the past few weeks and can’t wait to put it out, but it ain’t finished till the fat lady sings! Also been real bust with my company Blunted Athletics. The new line of soft goods will be out in the next few weeks. My business partner chi Hom recently had some of his blunted artwork up at an artshow in Old Town S.D.! Here’s some photos from the past week. Cheers”- Lahsaan

Check out more photos from Lahsaan below…

^ Me, Hoang, Neyer, Ty, Garret and JJ all filmed a dope edit with Ennis at this street plaza. Then watched Ty hulk out on this shitty skateboarder stuck in the 80s! Haha

^ Me, Chi, Hoang, Temple, Kyle, and Chafe at a artshow blunted had some paintings up at!

^ Me, Chi, Hoang, Jordan