ZINE / Support You Local Shop Tour: Albe’s BMX

BY: Ryan Sher / August 16, 2012
Zine Support You Local Shop Tour: Albe’s BMX

Michigan is sick! Subrsa riders Scott Ditchburn, Raph, Nick Bullen and myself recently did a trip around a few cities there, and there are some good ass people and some serious spots to ride. While there we brought the Subrosa “Support Your Local Shop” Tour to Albe’s BMX. With a huge following and a long history in BMX it was no surprise that we had an awesome turn out. About 200 people showed up for sun, BBQ food, and BMX! The set ups were awesome, and the locals were shredding! We even got Dane and Flip from Albe’s to get some wild lines done! We’re working on an edit from the event, but for now check out the photos below. Thanks for everyone who came out, and Support Your Local Shop! See ya at the next one.