ZINE / Subrosa’s Random Scrapbook: 13 photos

BY: Ryan Sher / September 3, 2011
Zine Subrosa’s Random Scrapbook: 13 photos

The Subrosa team has traveled the world, and gone on countless trips together. Since someone in the crew always has a camera out, there is a ton of photos from all of these trips. I’m going to just start doing these Random Scrapbooks more often. It’ll simply be an update with a bunch of riding, portrait style, group shots, bike checks, set ups, crashes, babes, fights, parties, and well, yeah some censored stuff. We’ll see what makes the cut. Here’s the first edition of Subrosa’s Random Scrapbook. Enjoy.

Check out the photos below…

^ All sorts of “no fun guns” focused on Hoang. Los Angles, Ca

^ Hoang Nac’d. San Diego, Ca

^ Miles Rogoish portrait. Somewhere, USA

^ “Nora Cup” Mark Mulville getting pitted. Casselberry, Fl

^ Lahsaan Kobza’s bike. Diablous.

^ Street plaza homies. Chula Vista, Ca

^ Street boss Scott Ditchburn in the dirt. Ain’t skeeered. Spring Valley, Ca

^ The Filthy Few. Austin, TX

^ Lahsaan Kobza, table topped. San Diego, Ca

^ Kyle Hart and Berg. “Don’t Mess With Sexas”

^ Lahsaan Kobza photo set up. San Diego, Ca

^Scott Ditchburn, xup dubs. Dills not Bills. Chula Vista, Ca

^ Lahsaan Kobza “Welcome to the Jungle”. Spring Valley, Ca