ZINE / Subrosa Video Store.

BY: Ryan Sher / February 20, 2013
Zine Subrosa Video Store.

Subrosa Brand Video Store

The crew over here at Subrosa brand have always been huge fans of BMX videos. To us they have always been a great way to show the whole story of a brand, team, or even just a crew of friends. We feel strongly that videos are a very important piece of the BMX lifestyle and that’s why we are announcing the Video Store. The Video Store is a section of our Corner Store that you’ll be able to purchase videos whether they are Subrosa Brand or not. We are going to be offering videos that are released by friends, other brands, or are just flat out videos that we like. We will of course be adding Subrosa videos as well. The idea here is just to support another aspect of BMX. Check out the Video Store now, we’ve got Banned 4: Life, and BMXFU 5 which has an awesome section from Subrosa rider Greg D’Amico.