ZINE / Subrosa Top Load stems.

BY: Ryan Sher / November 6, 2013
Zine Subrosa Top Load stems.

Subrosa Top Load Stems
There was a little bit of confusion about the Subrosa top load stems recently online, so I thought I’d lend a hand and show some of the differences between the Subrosa “Hold Tight”, “Forever” and the new “High Life” stems.
The Subrosa Hold Tight Stem is created with a process called casting. You basically pour melted metal into a mold of the object you want. The metal is then cooled, and a stem is born. This cast aluminum process allows for faster production times, and opens up much more technical or unique shapes. The product maintains strength, but is priced lower simply because of the speed factories can produce the product. The Hold Tight stem uses 6 solid bolts, has a 53mm reach and weighs 10.5oz.
The Subrosa Forever stem is a tradition top load stem created with the CNC machining process. This starts with a solid block of 6061-T6 aluminum and each stem is individually machined down to the shape and spec we submit. This smooth clean stem was made a little wider to create a bigger clamping area around your bars. It also features a recesses area so your fork top cap fits flush, and uses allen bolts with bigger heads on them to resist breaking. The Forever stem has a 53mm reach, and lasered on logos for a clean Subrosa look.
The High Life stem is our newest stem in the line up. It’s a riser stem, which as you can see, raises your bars height. This is also a CNC’D stem, but it features a 36mm rise. Traditionally theses stems were used in racing and trail riding, so they were long. With these stems becoming more popular for use in street riding, we made ours shorter. This will allow for your bars to be higher, but you won’t be as stretched out, and you’ll have a bit more pull, and pop! This stem also features the recessed top cap area, 6 overside bolts, and wide handle bar clamping area. The High Life stem will be available worldwide in Spring 2014.

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