ZINE / Subrosa Tagged!

BY: Ryan Sher / May 15, 2012
Zine Subrosa Tagged!

Hey guys and gals! While you’re cruisin’, lurkin’, stalkin’, snoopin’, complainin’ or flirtin’ on Facebook you should tag our fan page.  Why you ask, well you can get your bike, photo, or art posted on our site in future posts like this one, and you can help fellow riders pick the Subrosa they like the best. When you tag us in a photo of your bike, other riders can browse through our photos and comment on you bike, and check out your set up. Do you have a custom Subrosa? SHOW IT OFF! Like us on Facebook, and tag us now. Check out some nicely tagged photos from Subrosa fans below…

^ As always, Daisuke from Japan always comes through with the goods! SxMxBx Forever!

^ Grant Macdonnell boosts over the garbage on his Subrosa.

^ Huge caveman into a super steep drop by Leon Schut!

^ A great photos of some Subrosa complete’s by Micii.

^ DFL! Paul McDowell rules!

^ Tim Hunt tagged his Subrosa complete in style in front of Buckingham Palace. Head over to our fan page and “like” us, then tag all your Subrosa goods, art, riding shots, complete bikes, and custom builds! Maybe you’ll be on our next “Tagged” feature.