ZINE / Subrosa Street Rail Session

BY: Ryan Sher / November 29, 2019
Video Subrosa Street Rail Session

There was a whole bunch of the team riders together at Sparkys together to session all the different Subrosa Street Rail Kits we offer!

We had a bunch of Subrosa team riders in town for Sparkys Jam, and around the same time we got a bunch of Subrosa Street Rails in stock at the warehouse.

So we got Simone Barraco, Joris Coulomb, Matt Ray, Trey Jones, Mark Burnett, Bjarki Hardarson, Jiri Blabol, Miguel Smajli, Jabe Jones and Lewis Colascione and caught an afternoon session on each of the Subrosa Street Rail kits to show you some awesome riding, and what the Subrosa Street Rail and all the kits can do.

The Subrosa Street Rail is available at Subrosa Dealers worldwide and our Webstore

Turn your driveway into a spot!

Filmed and Edited by
Andrew Knight (Elevated Perspective)

Subrosa Street Rail

Extension Kit

Connector Kit

A-Frame Kit

XS Kit


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