ZINE / Subrosa softgoods in stock!

BY: Ryan Sher / December 20, 2013
Zine Subrosa softgoods in stock!

Subrosa Softgoods
I’m really proud and stoked about our softgoods line! The collection truly feels and fits great. Take a closer look at what we’ve done.
Day of the Dead
We did a lot of research on our blanks. Buying tons and tons of samples from different suppliers and conducting our own testing on them to collect info on different things like length, cut, how much does it shrink, how does it fade, is it durable? The list goes on. What we came out with is our most affordable, best fitting t-shirts yet. Super soft feel, a good length, great fit, tagless, all with minimal shrinkage after washing. Really, really happy with these. Check out the Day of the Dead, and the rest of our T-shirts HERE.
Venom Denim Jacket
Venom Denim Jacket
The Subrosa Venom Denim Jacket was designed from scratch by us. Multiple samples of each piece from the denim, the liner, and even the buttons we ordered until we could piece together the best fitting, best look denim jacket. Excuse me why I pat ourselves on the back, but god damn this thing is nice! Every ounce of this jacket is custom from the Subrosa buttons, the cut, the leather patches, and it even includes a Venom Denim pin set with 5 high quality Subrosa pins. It’s sold out of our Corner Store, but is still available world wide in shops and mailorders now.
Venom Denim Jeans
Venom Denim Jeans
Jeans was the next biggest item for us to tackle. It’s a tough one right? Some people like long and baggy, some people like skin tight and short, and that’s not counting all the people in the middle that like every other possible cut, length, material, color, ect… So the idea was to go with what me know. We approached these jeans as bike riders. We didn’t want them so baggy that they would constantly get caught in your chain. If they were too tight you wouldn’t be able to move around and pedal your bike. On the Venom Denim Jeans we went with slim, tapered legs a durable light weight denim with a small amount of stretch, and colors that wouldn’t get filthy the first time you sat on your bike. Adding fully custom buttons, labeling, hidden shoelace belt loops, and even threw the shoelace belt in! The result is denim that our team loves! They are on the slim side, so you may want to consider going one size up than you would typically buy. For example, I normally would wear a 32, but in the photo above I’m wearing the 34’s. There’s a sizing chart HERE. These things look great, and in my humble opinion, are a great quality long lasting jean. Who says you shouldn’t look good when you ride?
Hit up you local shop or mailorder, or check out The Corner Store to see all of our current softgoods.