ZINE / SUBROSA/ The Shadow Conspiracy ONE (Full Video)

BY: Ryan Sher / July 4, 2018
Video SUBROSA/ The Shadow Conspiracy ONE (Full Video)

You been waiting for this! Enjoy ONE presented by Subrosa and The Shadow Conspiracy

Subrosa Brand and The Shadow Conspiracy present ONE.

The idea of ONE is that each of these riders is as much a part of Subrosa as they are of The Shadow Conspiracy. They are as much individuals as they are a team. Each rider possesses a strong, unique talent and perspective on riding, but when they come together they are one unit.

This project was the result of putting these 6 riders in one place on one trip to create something that truly shows they are a team, but also a family.

ONE is a full-length web video with parts from Subrosa/Shadow riders Kyle Hart, Simone Barraco, Joris Coulomb, Matt Ray, Trey Jones and Mark Burnett.

Kyle Hart
Simone Barraco
Joris Coulomb
Matt Ray
Trey Jones
Mark Burnett

Filmed by:
Ryan Chadwick

Addition Filmers:
Mark Burnett
Trey Jones
Sam Burros
Ryan Sher

Edited by:
Ryan Chadwick

In celebration of the release of the “ONE” video use the code ATL-ONE on the Subrosa Webstore for 10% of your order for the next week.

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